Save Money on Household Cleaning

Save money on cleaning with natural products

Do you know how to ditch your $6 window cleaner for a natural $2 alternative? When you are saving pennies, those $4 count. If cost savings isn’t enough, those less expensive natural cleaners have far less environmental impact and they aren’t a safety hazard for curious children and pets.

Start with Water
Use water out of the tap on a reusable cloth. That will clean a lot of what passes for dirt in your house. Move up to boiling water when you need to.

Wipe Down Surfaces Daily
If you clean up the small messes, you won’t need so many expensive cleansers to clean up big messes. Wipe down surfaces as you go and pick up around you. It makes a difference in how you feel as well as maintaining a level of clean.

Don’t Buy Expensive Cleansers
While we’re on the subject, don’t buy those special cleansers for big jobs. Assess the mess and choose a natural cleaner from your own pantry instead. Check out our Clean Cleaning for the basics of cleaning with just 5 common ingredients: water, vinegar, baking soda, salt, and lemon. Buy the main ingredients, distilled white vinegar and baking soda, in large packages and you will save even more.

Buy or Make Reusable Pads for Mops
Good old string mops work, but you might not find them at your store. You can still use the flat style wet mops, but you don’t need to buy the throwaway pads. Make or buy your own reusable pads and wash them. It doesn’t even require sewing. Just choose an thick, absorbent, natural material like soft cotton sweatshirt material.

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