What the Mind-Body Connection Means for Your Health

When looking at the whole picture of your health, what you think and how you feel does matter. You already know that nutrition, physical activity, and sleep are important factors. Also consider that stress can suppress immune function. Mind-Body Science What scientists call the biopsychosocial model (BPS) of health is the scientific way to refer to what is popularly … Read more

Sleep for Health

If you knew that there was one thing you could do for your health that would improve your memory, suppress your appetite, keep you alert, leave you happier, reduce your likelihood of hypertension and stress, and improve your immune function, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would. So, get a full night’s sleep. Your … Read more

Get Active to Stay Healthy

Staying active is essential to your health for growth and development, disease prevention, strength, energy, and decreasing stress. Whether we’re talking about healthy eating, staying active, getting sleep, or just doing things that make you happy, you are starting lifetime habits for your children. Set a great example, and your children won’t realize that there … Read more

A Toast to Staying Healthy

You’ve probably heard that having a glass of wine a day is good for your health. Some of our customers mentioned that drinking wine among the ways they stay healthy. What Does That Glass of Wine Do for You? Slow aging Reduce blood clots Reduce cholesterol Maintain blood pressure Does that sound good? The realities of … Read more

How to Help Your Family Stay Healthy

Keeping your children and your whole family healthy most often falls to you. Of course, we have the best of intentions as parents, but time gets tight and actions slip. Don’t let it happen. Always cover the basics. Your child’s developing body and mind depend on the accumulation of your family’s actions, and your child’s … Read more