A Gathering of Allergy-free Tips

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A lot of bynature.ca customers ask us about allergy-free cooking. I am really lucky that my family members and I don’t have food allergies, but Nature Mom has to be more cautious about gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free meals. Since I’m no expert in this area, I have gathered tips for you.

Food Allergy Basics

  • Food allergies seem to be on the rise
  • The top 8 allergens account for about 90% of food allergies
  • There are a BUNCH of really excellent resources for you. You are not alone

Dairy-free Cooking

  • There are a lot of drinking options available in many stores with soy, rice, and almond milk
  • For light baking, honey and molasses will help
  • For more dense baking (like cookies), vegetable shortening or margarine will help

Wheat-free Cooking

  • Try breads & crackers of soy, rice, potato, or corn
  • Look at ingredients, since wheat is often used as a thickener
  • Fast food? Just don’t. Even French fries are often dipped in wheat-based batter before deep frying

Egg-free Cooking

  • Don’t assume egg-substitutes are egg free
  • You will need to adjust differently for cookies, cakes, and other baking. There are great ways to avoid eggs in each
  • Look out for egg-free shampoos and cosmetics (yes, really!)

Allergy-free Birthday Cakes

  • Soy milk and vegetable oil are common substitutes for dairy in cakes
  • If you aren’t attached to cake itself, try a frozen dessert cake (yogurt or ice cream)
  • Better yet, go to a local vegan bakery. They have figured it out, and you won’t have to fuss.

Ask Your Buddies

Even given all of the great resources available, I still find that talking with peers gives me the in-depth reviews I crave. When a mother asked on Facebook for egg-free recipes for cakes, cookies, and pancakes, our followers rushed in with suggestions for recipes sites.

Looking for recipes or advice? Ask your friends. Ask on the Parenting by Nature Facebook page.

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