Children’s Celebrations of Spring

Child picking spring flowers

Do you celebrate spring with your children? My kids are so excited to have the occasional gust of warm air that they are wearing shorts and short sleeves and shivering whenever the temperature goes above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. My children are ready to celebrate spring.

Despite the snowflakes I saw today, my flowers have certainly embraced spring as I see little purple faces peeking through the dirt all over.

Seasons Tree

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When my children were very young, we always had a seasons tree to decorate as seasons changed. For spring, we blew eggs out of their shells and colored them to hang on the tree. When we moved to the desert, we started using carefully pruned tumbleweeds as our seasons tree! In the past couple of years, we have decorated the tree in our yard with colorful fabric scraps, which the magpies love to steal thread by thread.

A Seasons Tree is one of the suggestions Amanda Blake Soule makes in The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections.

The Seasons Tree is a perfect place to display your dyed, painted, and decorated eggs. Just glue a bit of ribbon, string, or fishing wire to the top of each egg, creating a loop for hanging on the branch (p133).

She also suggests bringing in some of those signs of spring to decorate your nature table: a budding leaf, growing wheatgrass, and a green play silk.

Birthdays and holidays are opportunities to acknowledge the spiraling of time and connect with the people we want to share our time. Whatever way you celebrate spring with your children, help them pause, breathe in the newly warmed air, and mark the rebirth of nature.

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