Don’t Panic Picnic Plans

Do you have this fantasy of yourself as an organized, creative mother who makes all of the recipes you pin on Pinterest and packs a balanced, organic picnic for every trip out? Don’t panic! As the holiday weekend approaches, chill out and realize that your kids will love anything you choose to call a picnic. … Read more

Sun-dry Those Cloth Diapers

Sun-drying cloth diapers saves you money and energy. If you are trying to simplify your life and make best use of your family resources, why not use the energy source that offers itself to you every day: the Sun! It makes sense to sun-dry your diapers whenever you can. Tools Drying rack or wash line – … Read more

Frozen Pops Beyond the Basics

It’s popsicle time. Sure, make frozen pops for the kids, but don’t forget the dogs and the parents. We could all use a cool treat. Popsicles For Kids My kids will eat almost anything if I freeze it. My son freezes green tea. My daughter likes frozen fruit because it isn’t as overwhelmingly icy as … Read more