3 New Summer Fun Toys

Wooden spaceship toy

Are you facing a rainy day with restless kids indoors? Once my children decide that it is summer, they crave activity every day, even if they spend less time outside because of the weather. That’s when I find them bouncing around and looking for something interesting to do.

At bynature.ca, we have a few new toys that help your children find new worlds to explore indoors when they have had enough of the weather outdoors.

Angling Fever Toy Fishing Game

Kids fishing game

I can hear it. You ask your child, “Do you want to go fishing?” But, it’s raining outside. Create an adventure day inside with this fishing game. There are four poles and twelve fish in four colours, so you can try to match colors by catching the fish and putting them on the stand of the same colour, or just mix up the rainbow. Includes small parts, so this toy is for over 3 years old only.

Wooden Toy Spaceship

Wooden toy spaceship with wooden figures

For hours of imaginative play, our new wooden spaceship can take your child from blast off to splash down. Includes human (and alien) figures, vehicles, and a bunch of moving parts on the ship itself. 37 pieces total—all wood, so you can feel good about your child spending hours with this toy. This is an adorable and durable toy.

Wishbone Flip Ride-on Rocking Toy

Wishbone flip wooden ride-on toy

For restless toddlers, you need a tough toy that encourages activity and stays interesting for a long time. With the Wishbone Flip, your active explorer can rock, ride, or push. It takes you, the parent, just a few seconds (and no tools) to flip and twist. You can also adjust the main bolts so the toy grows with your child. This is a beautiful wooden toy made with sustainably managed beech wood. We love this toy both for its sustainability and the flexible fun it provides a toddler.

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    • David, we do still sell the space ship set. You will find it on our site here: Wooden Toy Space Ship.


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