Summer with Baby Roundup

Mother and baby outside in the summer

If you are planning to go camping, hiking, or just walking around town with your baby, you will find some helpful tips in our round-up of posts from Eco Baby Steps.


Your Camping with Baby Checklist
Are you ready to jump in? Check your packing list and make sure you have these basic items before you go camping with your baby.

Camping with Cloth Diapers
Long post on using cloth diapers while camping covers what to take, how to wash, and what to do when you run out. Fun personal experience resources as well.


Hiking with Baby
Start out hiking with your baby, and you end up with toddlers and children who can’t wait to explore the outdoors. Tips for safety, gear, and other considerations.

Flying & Other Travel

Using Cloth Diapers on a Plane
What you need and how to make it work when you are flying to your vacation and you want to keep your baby in cloth diapers. What works depends on your needs, but this list is a great start.

Travelling with Cloth Diapers
If you haven’t travelled with cloth diapers before, it might seem a bit of a mystery. A lot of parents do use cloth diapers while they travel, though, and they have created very helpful resources for you.

Closer to Home

Daycation Exploration with Toddlers
Whether money, time, or the stress of travel has you wanting to stay closer to home this year, you can still create that vacation feeling for children with short explorations. Includes ideas how to make day-long vacations work for you and your children.

5 Tips for Non-toxic Sun Protection for Babies
If you are going to be outside with your baby, especially if your baby is less than 6 months old, you need sun protection. The basics of non-toxic protection from the sun.

7 Tips for a Successful Picnic with Kids
You can still improvise summer fun if you know you have the basics covered. Just a little planning and preparation will help you and your child avoid a hot, sticky meltdown.

Cool Summer Babywearing
Basic tips for keeping cool(er) while wearing your baby in the summer, plus a few recommendations for carriers depending whether you have dry heat or humid heat.

3 Steps to Summer Babywearing Success
Another post on staying cool while babywearing. Walks you through three basic steps for you to find a baby carrier and a carry that will work for you.

Summer in Nature for Your Children
How to give your child enough structure that they get curious about nature and start to explore on their own. Great list of resources.

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