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Through Pinterest, I find so many inspiring ideas. One of the themes on which I see a big variety of people pinning is home organization. Most of us can appreciate a way to use our space more efficiently, and what better way to convey those ideas than visually?

The idea of gathering inspirations isn’t new, of course. When I was an art major in college, I spent a lot of time going through magazines, tearing out images, and filing them in a picture morgue. It was a kind of low-tech pin board. Difficult to share, though, except on the occasional vision board for a few fellow students.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is public. All pins and boards are available for anyone on the internet to see. I think that bigger pool than, for example, Facebook is a big part of the reason Pinterest works so well when we want to gather ideas on a theme.

One can get lost in the good ideas, though, so I want to help you focus to get started. Look around your house for the trouble spots. What isn’t working very well? What have you gotten in the habit of walking around? Which room do you wish you could just have a fairy godmother fix up? Start there, and don’t get lost in the visual fantasy that Pinterest can be. Search Pinterest by room until you start to find the pinners whose ideas match yours.

I have gathered a few of the boards I find inspiring to help you start.

In the pantry, you will find that sorting by size can help. I see a lot of ideas for drawers and doors that would not have occurred to me without Pinterest. For a quick start to your organizing, use the back of cabinet doors by painting with chalkboard paint, adding corkboard, or attaching shallow baskets.

Kids room
With your children’s spaces, it’s important not to let efficiency get in the way of fun. Kids need to see the stuff to remember it is there.

In the garage, use the ceiling and the walls. If possible, make it all modular so you can adjust as your needs change.

Sewing room
We use our sewing rooms or craft studios both to store a bunch of stuff and to work. The room needs to do double duty with smart storage and inspirational display, plus the kind of space that you need depends on the kind of work that you do.

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