DIY Envy – Yes, You Can Sew!

When you see beautiful, natural cloth dolls, don’t you think “I wish I could sew”? You can! This soft baby doll with knotted hands and feet requires only the simplest of sewing stitches, and it will be done in an afternoon (or less). If you aspire to make a Waldorf doll or a seasonal table covered in beautifully … Read more

Getting Started with Reusable Menstrual Products

If you use cloth diapers for your babies and if you are looking for waste-free, reusable products in the rest of your life, it’s a natural next step to keep the change coming and use cloth menstrual pads or a diva cup. Getting started is easy. The quickest way to start: borrow your baby’s diaper … Read more

DIY Envy – Yes, You Can Knit!

Have you ever thought, when your friends share great projects, “I wish I could knit”? You can! I have devised the simplest knitting project you are ever going to meet to help you knit a reusable cotton washcloth. Like the best of punk music and country music: all you need is a red guitar, three … Read more