Partners in Parenting: Profile

Tamara Champion at store in Orillia

One of the reasons we wanted to have a store front in our town of Orillia is to make face-to-face connections with our customers. Recently, our local paper, the Orillia Packet & Times, published a profile of Parenting by Nature and owner, Tamara Champion. Tamara’s focus on what her community needs and what parents need is clear in the profile.

“We want to be a partner in parenting by helping parents find the information and products they need to give their children the gift of a healthier, better life and future,” said Champion, who has an exhaustive questionnaire for companies that want to sell their wares at “To me, it’s not all about making money. It’s about educating people, it’s about minimizing our impact on the planet… that’s what’s important.”

Read the full profile of Parenting by Nature, and you will find out:

  1. What is happening with the space above our store
  2. What kind of work Tamara was doing before babies &
  3. Why the store and Tamara’s family ended up in Orillia
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