Stocking Stuffers: Eco Art Supplies

Are you looking for small gifts that you know your child will use? Try eco-art supplies made from botanical ingredients. Every year I struggle to convince my in-laws not to give my children tiny, throwaway plastic toys in stockings or advent calendars. It’s a losing game. I can request that they not give the children … Read more

Imports at What Cost? Sustainability

Cheap imports are cheap precisely because they cut costs by cutting corners—pay less for labour, think less about quality, design less for safety, and don’t worry about the environment. Good business? Only in the moment. In the long term, these short-term savings leave us with big bills to pay. Over the past month, we have … Read more

Changing Colors: Fall Leaves with Children

Are your children curious about the leaves changing color? Harvest time is ripe for a little science and a lot of crafts with fall leaves. All this week, we’re going to post about changing colors—not just leaves changing but other colors as well. The Science of Fall Leaves for Children “Why are the leaves turning … Read more

Imports at What Cost? Environment

Products made in Canada or the U.S. are produced in compliance with strict regulations. When you buy imports, you have few assurances that making the products did not cause local harm through air or water pollution. Damage to environment and to health through the environment are part of the real cost of imports. We pay … Read more