Cloth Diaper Laundry Additives: Fabric Softeners

Making your cloth diapers soft has to be a good thing, right? Of course, but don’t be fooled into using chemical fabric softeners to do it or you will be in for a leaky, repelling surprise. As we think through the reasons behind basic cloth diaper washing techniques, we want you to have the information … Read more

Cloth Diaper Detergent Choices

Your choices of detergent for washing cloth diapers range from conventional, off-the-shelf detergent to special cloth diaper formulas to DIY recipes. Before you decide, though, know your own specific situation. Take the mystery out of cloth diaper detergent choices. What most parents really want to know first about washing cloth diapers is what detergent to … Read more

Artificial Fragrances in Your Home

Artificial fragrances lurk unmarked in many of your household cleaning products. These fragrances can be bothersome as they leave residues, irritating when they are allergens, and harmful when they pose known health risks. “Fragrance affects us all. For some, it can enhance a moment, invoke a memory, or even improve a mood. As consumers, we … Read more

Residue in Cloth Diapers

Are your diapers repelling and your covers leaking? Do clean diapers smell like a barnyard and wet diapers burn your nose? You may have residues in your diapers. Before you contemplate throwing it all away, you can fix it. Let’s look at the symptoms, the causes, and the cures. It will help if you already know the … Read more