Hemp vs Bamboo Rayon for Cloth Diapers

We get a lot of questions from customers in the bynature.ca store asking why they would want to choose bamboo vs. hemp for cloth diapers. Short answer: choose hemp for environment or absorbency, and choose bamboo rayon for softness. Overall, we prefer hemp. In our completely unscientific survey of Facebook followers,parents choose hemp 8 to … Read more

Wild Gardens for Busy Parents: Planting

You want to garden but you don’t have time. Don’t sweat it. Focus just enough to cultivate one small patch, and you might be surprised how committed you become to helping your garden thrive. May Garden Preparations If you already followed March planning steps and April preparation of the ground, you can probably get your gardening done before … Read more

Cotton Diapers – Do You Choose Organic or Not?

We were surprised when we asked customers about organic cotton diapers because their reasons for choosing organic don’t always match what we know about the benefits of organic. We recommend organic over non-organic, but our reasons might not be what you expect. We’re stepping back slightly from our laundry series this week in celebration of … Read more

Cloth Diaper Washing: Wet Pail or Dry Pail?

Before you wash your cloth diapers, where will you store them? You can use a wet pail, which means leaving the diapers to soak in water, or a dry pail, which means not adding water. Which will work better for your diapers? We will walk you through the pros and cons of your diaper pail … Read more

Cloth Diaper Laundry: Do You Use Baking Soda and Vinegar?

Understanding basic laundry science helps you get your cloth diaper washing right from the start. Understanding the basics of all of your household cleaning lets you use the simplest cleaners that do the job. We broke down household cleaning into five ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. When we apply that same idea of getting down … Read more