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Why I don’t buy cloth diapers that come without support or warranty.

We’re often asked about some of the less expensive cloth diapers on the market, and why we don’t offer them at When compared to economical options such as Bummis wraps and prefolds or an amazing DUO system such as AMP Diapers, the quality, absorbency and effectiveness does not compare. These high quality systems offer super value, while limiting the frustration parents will have with leaking, poor fit, or fabrics that fall apart over time—all of which will cost more in the long run.

Cloth Diapers are our specialty! We get so much feedback from parents time and time again about other products on the market, products that send them running to us for replacements that will not cause frustration. We aren’t going to sell something that is continuously causing problems for our customers.

Cloth diapers in general have SO much value compared to single-use products. And, many cloth diapers that seem higher priced actually reflect the value of products made ethically and sustainably, not cheaply and without care for workers or the environment. These high value products are also safety tested to the highest standards, so you can be assured you’re buying something that is safe for your little one. We can offer many tips in our store to help get you set up with cloth diapers for as little as $200. That buys you a system that will work well, fit well, absorb well, and where we know workers haven’t been exploited to diaper your baby (that is, someone else has actually paid the price).

In our eight years of experience, the bottom line is: you get what you pay for. When you buy your diapers from us, you’re also investing in our experience helping thousands of clients along the way to getting off to a great start, with product support, laundry advice, and troubleshooting. We can’t do what we do without your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Getting more babies into cloth diapers has been our mission from day one!

What Our Customers Say

A couple of months ago, we posted the statement above. Our customers shared their experiences as well.

Learned That Lesson the Hard Way

“I found some very inexpensive pockets with my first. The extra laundry caused by all the leaks let me know very quickly that cheap cloth diapers are false economy. I’m expecting kid #2 and am glad I saw the value in better diapers because now I have a stash waiting to go for another child.” J.W.

“Absolutely! We received some inexpensive cloth diapers as gifts and ended up hating them! They were available at large baby registry retailers (you know who I mean) and I so much prefer my diapering and service experience with a (somewhat) local company! Thank you for being there!” V.F.

“Totally agree! I’m a self-proclaimed bargain hunter who loves a good find. After buying a few cheaper diapers from a big box store (thinking I was getting a good deal) and not being happy with the results (poor fit, bulky, leaked, etc), I was very hesitant to try more expensive ones. I was SOOO glad I tried ‘just a few’ from my local ‘natural parenting store’ after seeing how different they were from the big-box ones. Even my husband was impressed and actually used them! I’ve had to buy a new stash of diapers for surprise baby #3 after giving all mine from baby #2 away, but am so excited for baby to be born to put the new diapers on him.” K.O.

Research Pays Off

“I bought my first cloth diapers from you almost 5 years ago and have since filled out my stash of mostly Fuzzi Bunz from you as well. I am now CDing my third child and the diapers and accessories I first purchased are still going strong after 3 kids! In fact, many of them still look almost new! After tons of research (including the “cloth diapering 101″ on your website), I am so glad I went with a quality system so I didn’t have to keep replacing diapers after each child!” M.H.

Great Cloth Diapers Last!

“Some of my Motherease have been going strong for over 11 years now!! And they still work as well as the day I originally bought them! I bought the bulk of mine in UK, imported from Canada, and then I topped up here from you. I love them, they fit my children very well. We are now done with diapers and I am about to pass these on.” T.W.

Quality Cloth Diapers Can Come on a Budget

“I think it depends on what you mean by cheap. We use flats with covers, and they were very inexpensive, but work fabulously! There are good quality cloth diapers for every budget and need, and if one cannot afford or do not want to buy a $500 system, one can spend $100 and easily cloth diaper from birth to potty.” K.J.W.

“[C]heap and low cost are not always the same thing. I get frustrated when people are turned off of cloth diapering because of poorly made products, but I am equally frustrated by people being turned off by the belief that one must purchase $30 diapers to effectively diaper their babies.” K.J.W.

Prefolds remain one of our best selling diapers, and they cost less than $5 each. They will also have use well beyond the diapering years, so that initial investment goes much further with the right product. I’m still using ours for rags and puppy pads eight years later, after diapering two children. Some parents are intimidated by them, but that’s where we come in.

What do we mean by “cheap”? Our definition of “cheap” is pretty extensive. Over the holidays we ran a series on the true costs of cheap products.

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