Helping Your Child Get Ready for School

First Day of Kindergarten is OK!

Even if you are ready for your child to go to school, you know that the person who counts the most during this life-changing experience is your child herself.

Research and Resources for Parents

There is abundant research on the transition to school, and many practical guides are available. Most school systems share resources for teachers and for parents. Many schools offer guides in addition to open houses.

But, most of that information is for you, the adult.

Stories of Starting School

Sometimes a young child comes to understand a situation well through storytelling because he can focus on the feelings of characters without worrying too much about his own feelings. If the character is anxious or excited, he can hold off on his personal reaction until he finds out how things turn out for the character.

I am no expert on starting kindergarten. My children have not gone through this, since they are homeschooled. It was a long time ago that I was handed over to a neighbor boy to walk to my first day of school at a school that was new to everyone because it had just been built. I loved school. I don’t remember feeling anxious, and I don’t remember whether my mother, a teacher, helped me through the transition other than sending me to preschool across the hall from her office. It was a familiar situation for me.

If the transition needs a little more smoothing for your child, story books about starting kindergarten might help.

The person I would most trust to recommend books for your child is the local librarian. S/he will likely ask questions and tailor suggestions to your child’s needs. If you don’t have a local librarian to ask, try a librarian-compiled list of Books about Starting School.

If you create a familiar situation and answer any questions as they come up without adding to your child’s worries, starting school should be one of those transitions when your child is willing to tell you what is needed. Follow your child’s lead, and good luck!

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