Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Packing lunch for your young children is easy when you have some good, healthy ideas to start. We’ve gathered our favorite school lunch articles for you.

Back-to-school: What’s for Lunch?

At school, your children are going to be making a lot of their own decisions about nutrition. How do you give kids the tools they need to make their own good choices?

Healthy Lunchbox Idea: Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad
Pasta salad with fried zucchini and spinach.

Tips for keeping enough supplies on hand that you can improvise a great pasta salad for lunch without any risk of boredom. First rule in my house: make it infrequently so it’s a pleasant surprise when we have pasta salad.

Allergy-free School Lunch Strategies


At home, it is easier to keep your allergic child safe. Once you switch to school lunch or packed lunch, you need to have allies who will help keep your child eating allergy-free foods.

Fun School Lunch Surprises

Two kids looking inside a lunch bag

Keep your child’s lunch bag interesting with little surprises. We gathered a lot of fun ideas to give your child a mid-day boost. Play with the familiar or surprise with a new shape or color.

5-minute Lunch Box

Uh-oh. Forgot to make a lunch? You probably have more options than you realize. We created lists of lunch ideas that are easy to chop, stir, and shake so you can have a healthy lunch ready in 5 minutes or less.

Pinning Your Way to More Creative Food

Rainbow fruit skewers

If you still need ideas, check out Pinterest. Look for school lunch boards, and you will join a world of creative parents sharing their ideas for more appealing lunches for children.

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