Potty Training Tools for Independence

Biodegradable potty chair from Beco

Learning to use the toilet is an exciting time for a child. As the parent, you can help the process go as smoothly as possible by communicating clearly and having the right tools available

For a toddler, potty training is about independence. If you push using the toilet, chances are your toddler will exercise choice by choosing not to use the toilet. Acknowledge that this is your child’s choice, and you will both avoid stress. This should be an exciting time rather than a stressful time.

We carry a few toilet learning basics that we love—and that our customers love.

Training Pants

In general, training pants catch accidents. They are lightweight, designed to be worn under clothes, and easy for a child to pull down and up. Some of the training pants we carry make it easy to add extra inserts for absorbency. Thin stretchy sides help give a snug, leak-free fit—and the absorbency goes down the center where it is needed.

Super Undies pull up pants

Super Undies Pullup or Snap-on Training Pants

Adorable Super Undies are designed for a child’s independence. The pass-through pocket makes it easy to add extra absorbency, like a prefold diaper or a diaper insert. We find the pull-up style easiest for a child to use alone, but we understand snap-on (snaps in the back) can be helpful when you need to remove messy training pants. We carry both Pull-up and Snap-on training pants.

Absorbency: 3-4 layers of microfiber (number of layers depends on size)
Made in USA

Bummis training pants

Bummis Potty Pants

Bummis potty training pants are very trim. They look like underwear, and they fit easily under clothing. Stretchy side panels mean the sizing is adjustable, but we have 4 sizes for children 18-35+ lbs. Easy for a child to pull off and on. Use extra absorbency for nighttime.

Absorbency: 1 layer of loopy cotton terry and one layer of microfiber
Made in Canada with materials sourced in North America

Motherease potty training pants

Motherease Cloth Training Pants

For lightweight protection, Motherease training pants look like underwear. An inside layer of absorbent cotton terry, the same used in Motherease diapers, is covered with a waterproof polyester layer. Full fit. Easy to pull on and off.

Absorbency: cotton terry
Made in Canada

Overnight Training Pants

Overnight pants or bedwetter pants have more absorbency, which means more bulk. These will fit under pajamas, but they might be too big to fit easily under some clothes.

Motherease nighttime training pants

Motherease Bedwetter Pants

Motherease overnight training pants have a full fit, which works well for chubby thighs. The soaker is attached front and pant but not in the center, so it is easy to clean. Trim enough to fit well under snug pajamas.

Absorbency: 3-layer cotton soaker
Made in Canada

Super Undies Bedwetter pants

Super Undies Bedwetting Pants

Internal soaker can be folded in front for boys or wrapped all the way around the back for girls. It’s easy to add more absorbency for super nighttime accident protection, but most children won’t need added absorbency. If you unsure of size, size up.

Absorbency: 6 layers of microfiber
Made in USA

Potty Chair

Does your child need a small potty before learning to use the full-sized toilet? Not necessarily. You need to be sensitive to each child’s needs. The adult toilet can be big and intimidating to a young child, though, and you want to be sure that it is as easy as possible for your child to take action independently. A potty chair can help with that.

Biodegradable BecoPotty

BecoPotty chair

What do you do with a potty chair when you are done? How about planting it in the garden. The BecoPotty is made from about 80% waste material, including bamboo and rice husks that are usually thrown away. We love that reuse of waste products for a product you won’t need very long. Decomposition usually takes 2-3 years, depending on the environment. High back and curvy shape make this potty chair comfortable and easy to use.

Beco Kids Step Stool

Beco Step potty stool

When your child is ready to use the big toilet, it can help to have a potty stool. This not only helps get to the seat but gives a child a place to put feet so their legs aren’t hanging and uncomfortable while they sit. The stool is made from the same bamboo and rice husk plastic as the BecoPotty. When you are finished, plant it.

For more help, see our article on Potty Training Basics.

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