The Real Cost of Cheap Imports

Last year, in answer to a lot of questions we received about why we focus so much on products made in North America, we outlined the issues with cheap imports. The real cost goes a lot deeper than price. Low price usually means that some of the real costs of materials, production, and transportation are … Read more

Buy Local for Big Benefits

You don’t want the same old stuff. Your needs aren’t filled by conventional parenting products. We know that at because those products didn’t fill our needs either. It isn’t just that one size doesn’t fit all or that not everyone wants the same color. We know that whole categories of products don’t relate to your parenting. … Read more

Why Choose Natural Toys

You anticipate toy shopping soon—as do I. I just want to give you a few reasons to look for toys made from natural materials like wool, cotton, wood, and rubber. The Negative Reasons to Choose Natural Toys Choose toys made from natural materials because they aren’t made from plastic. It isn’t just that plastic is … Read more