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If you already know what you want for your baby, how do you prevent the gifts of piles of stuff you will never use? Use our baby registry. Make sure your family and friends know what you want.

Oh, No! Piles of Stuff

If you have already decided that you can make do with less for your baby, start your list now and be strong in keeping it simple. Think through each item. Do you really need it?

To start, read our posts about what you really need for a baby. You really don’t need much.

Once you have your list, show it to your mother, your older sister, or a friend who has recently had a baby. Ask them whether you really need each item. Ask what they wish they hadn’t bought. Ask what you might be missing. Of course, you need to make your own choices, but it helps to be well informed.

Help Your Family and Friends

Keep in mind that people want to shower you with gifts. That’s why it’s called a shower. They want to share with you what they learned as parents, and that’s a great thing. Accept their kind advice, but be clear that you want only certain kinds of gifts.

Without judging other people’s choices, explain your choices. Explain natural materials, using less so you waste less, buying quality products that will last, and focusing on open play.

You might even write a short paragraph in the shower invitation so everyone knows you have specific items you want. Work with the person giving your shower to build a theme around eco-friendly parenting, and you will have even more opportunity to explain your choices.

Make It Easy for Everyone

Your guests need to know where to go to find your registry. Include a link to your registry in invitations. Send an email to each person invited with a clickable link.

In the gift registry, you can make comments on each selection. Explain why you want each item, what it will allow you to do, and how much it means to you that someone will help you get it. Make sure you indicate priority so you get what you want most first.

Always bring it back to the baby and the gift giver. It’s such a beautiful thing they are doing to help you as you start on your journey as a parent. Welcome their help. Just guide it gently, so you can actually use what they give.

How to Set up Your Gift Registry

If you are already a customer of, you just login to your customer account to set up your registry list. If you aren’t a customer yet, you can start a new account. Just make sure you have your Customer Profile set up.

Start shopping while logged in. Choose items with the Add to Registry button. Be sure to make comments for each item. You can come back and change your list later.

Give each item a priority, so your guests will know how important or just nice-to-have it is.

Choose either public registry or password-protected registry. Public is easier for your guests, but we understand why some parents prefer a private registry.

Print registry cards to include with your shower invitations, so your guests will know exactly where to look for your list. We’re created registry cards for you.

When you have set up your baby registry, send us an email at info at to sign up for our Registry Rewards program. You will get a store credit for 10% of the value of all purchases by your family and friends. We just need to know the name you used for the registry, your shipping details, and your baby’s estimated due date.

That’s it. Registering for gifts is an easy process that helps you get only what you really need and want and helps your guests know that their gifts will be genuinely useful to you.

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