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Tamara, also known as Naturemom, is the mother of two girls aged 5 and 8. She was doing the ‘green’ thing both before children and before it was considered a lifestyle. Growing up with a grandmother that used to save every button and every jar, used reusable mama pads and grew her own vegetables, Tamara learned early on how it was the reduce and reuse that came first – the recycle was always an afterthought. While Tamara admits to not going quite as far as washing and reusing her milk bags like her grandmother would have, she would definitely be considered an ‘earth mama’. Both girls were born at home and Tamara breastfed them and used cloth diapers from day one. She enjoyed bonding with her babies through babywearing and loves raising her girls with simple toys and playthings. She is also the owner of a natural parenting shop Parenting By Nature, Inc. and is living her dreams each and every day.
attached mama
Attached Mama is Lori, who has been consciously attachment parenting her two children since she was first introduced to Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book in 1997. In addition to homeschooling her children, she is a professional writer and editor. She writes about homebirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, natural materials, whole and local foods, and natural family living. For her, the attachment philosophy is about following the lead of each of her children—letting them determine the right time to wean, to use the toilet, to walk instead of being worn, and to move to their own beds. Recently, it has been more about when they are ready for sleepovers and parties. The scary part is coming!

Guest Writers

From time to time posts will be published from various Guest Authors. Feel free to send your articles to info @ ecobabysteps dot com for consideration. If your article is about cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding or natural parenting it is sure to be of interest to our readers and we’d love to share!