Security, We Have a Breastfeeder on Aisle 9

Family in Target in Michigan. One month-old baby cries then mother breastfeeds baby. Simple, right? Happens every day without notice or incident. Not this time. The story doesn’t make it clear what happened between two security guards showing up and them calling two police officers. Target corporate headquarters commented, “This specific situation escalated to a point where … Read more

Local holiday consumption discussions & No Impact Man screenings

Have you been talking about holiday consumption with people around you? Our post on children and consumerism sparked discussion on Twitter and Facebook. How about joining in the discussion locally as well? No Impact Man and Center for the New American Dream are sponsoring this week screenings of the film No Impact Man along with discussions of holiday spending. Venues … Read more

Handmade Toy Alliance for Small Crafters

A lot of natural toys and other children’s products are made by small crafters. In the U.S., small crafters have been trying to understand the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) since 2008. During this past year, as the Handmade Toy Alliance, a grassroots alliance of toymakers, toy stores, and children’s product manufacturers have been leading … Read more