Baby Carrier Manufacturer Profile: TogetherBe / Peekaru

As we put together our Babywearing 101 guide last year, we loved the personal stories of how each baby carrier was created, usually as one mother looked for a solution that would work for her and her babies. We want to share these great stories of baby carriers with you. This week, we start our baby carrier … Read more

Cool summer baby carriers

As summer temperatures have been flirting with 100 degrees the past week, I’ve been thinking about the best baby carrier for hot summer weather. Of course you are going to keep babywearing, but the hotter it gets, the more important it is to keep both you and your baby as cool as possible. The best … Read more

Special Needs Babywearing

When you have a baby with special needs, the general advantages of babywearing – issues of development and comfort – are especially important to you. Premature Babies Physical Development. Touch, skin-to-skin contact, helps all newborn babies make the transition to life outside the womb. This is especially important for preterm (premature) babies. According to Dr. William Sears, touch … Read more