What Is a Lactation Consultant?

A lactation consultant is a healthcare professional with clinical knowledge of human lactation as well as a counselor and educator who helps mothers learn to feed their babies. Not all healthcare professionals have the same training, accurate resources, or provide the positive support a woman needs during breastfeeding. There may be times when a women … Read more

Breastfeeding Research in the News

When the British Medical Journal two weeks ago published a review paper, an opinion piece, on the nutritional INadequacy of the World Health Organization’s recommendation that infants exclusively breastfeed for six month, a wave of media coverage followed. As often happens, the adequacy of the publication was of less importance in media coverage than the potential … Read more

What to Eat While Breastfeeding

You might wonder whether you need to eat more, eat different foods, or drink more water during lactation. How much does your nutrition effect your baby? What should you eat while you are breastfeeding? The short answer is very simple: your normal healthy diet is good already. That’s the catch, though. Many of us don’t … Read more

Breastfeeding Your Toddler

When you want to give your child the long-term benefits of extended breastfeeding, it helps when you have confidence to respond to others. Every woman needs support. That support can range from family support to hearing about research that explains the benefits of long-term nursing to workplace policies that allow continuation of the breastfeeding relationship. … Read more