Breastfeeding Is the Smart, Healthy, Frugal Choice

Research shows that breastfeeding is the right choice because it makes babies smarter, keeps mothers and babies healthier, and saves families and society money by avoiding higher future healthcare costs. The Smart Choice Developing infants use the fatty acids in their mothers’ milk for their brain development. Scientists have found that breastfed babies with particular … Read more

Breastfeeding Statistics

How widespread is breastfeeding? Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control provide annual statistics that show upward trends over the past decade that seem to be flattening out recently. This past summer, the Toronto Globe & Mail ran a story following the release of the latest numbers to ask, “Why aren’t more … Read more

Keep Your Breastfeeding Cool

Summer is hot enough. When you are carrying around the extra weight of warm milk for baby, it takes some effort to keep your breastfeeding cool. The one summer breastfeeding accessory that I recommend is a good, supportive nursing tank top. I like the Bravado Nursing Tank. Support. A shelf that creates one horizontal boob blog will … Read more

Blog to Inspire: The Bliss of Breastfeeding

This following post was an entry in our Blog to Inspire contest. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and not necessarily those of Eco Baby Steps or Parenting By Nature. Blog to Inspire entrant Dagmar’s momsense is Dagmar Bleasdale, grew up in Germany then moved to Los Angeles. Now, she lives in Westchester, … Read more