Breastfeeding and the Fringe Benefits of Frugality

Sometimes those of us in the natural parenting community find it difficult to wade past the labels we end up receiving because of our unique views on everything from wooden toys to home remedies. Those on the “outside” take one look at us with our babies wearing cloth diapers and amber necklaces, strapped to us … Read more

Save Green: Breastfeeding Saves You Money

Conveniently, the natural parenting way is often the easy way—and the cheap way. That’s true with breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. If parents are thinking of baby feeding method as a choice, comparing breastfeeding and formula feeding side by side, there is no comparison. Pay or don’t pay. It’s an easy choice to make. The … Read more

Battle of the Boobs by The Accidental Pharmacist

Blog to Inspire finalist The Accidental Pharmacist is Kelly Grindrod, a pharmacist. Accidentally. I never made a conscious career decision to push pills for a living. Now, she studies the enigma that is the pharmacist and struggle to be self-directed. She is also a new mommy. Enter the blog – an excuse to procrastinate. Fascinating? No. … Read more

The winner of Blog to Inspire ’09

We asked “Can you Inspire?“. When Amy of Raising Arrows posted her entry about breastfeeding her daughter Emily, we were more than inspired; we were moved to tears. From reading the comments left for Amy on her post, we know we weren’t the only readers she touched. The memories Amy shares of nursing her little … Read more

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

As a season of family gatherings approaches, especially if you are a new mother, you may be wondering how best to breastfeed your baby while balancing the dynamics of your particular family. I tend to be of the whip-it-out militant breastfeeding crowd, but I understand that not everyone is comfortable baring their breasts to strangers—worse yet, … Read more