It’s a virtual holiday potluck on Facebook!

Does the holiday season creep up on you, and before you know it, you’re completely overwhelmed? This year start planning early and have some FUN with other busy parents just like you. Join parenting experts Tamara Champion, CEO of natural parenting store, and Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit AKA yoyomama and author of Healthy Mum, Happy Baby, as well as other … Read more

Other Positive Changes

Wow! I’ve been watching Why Cloth Diapers video contest entries, and I love seeing all of these parents outline their reasons for using cloth diapers. One in particular caught my eye. Amy made a video about hanging her cloth diapers to dry to save energy and to save wear on the diapers. “I”m really happy to … Read more

Adventures in Babywearing by Domestic Dork

Blog to Inspire finalist Domestic Dork is Holly Noelle, a twenty-something SAHM and freelance graphic designer. She loves her family, art, reading, writing, herself, and hyperbole (but most especially hyperbole). She’s definitely not a domestic diva. Her dust bunnies are breeding and her cooking skills are nearly nonexistent. She’s doing the best she can while battling ADHD, “Mommy … Read more

The winner of Blog to Inspire ’09

We asked “Can you Inspire?“. When Amy of Raising Arrows posted her entry about breastfeeding her daughter Emily, we were more than inspired; we were moved to tears. From reading the comments left for Amy on her post, we know we weren’t the only readers she touched. The memories Amy shares of nursing her little … Read more

Our Inspiring Blogger Posts

Here is the promised list of all the entries sent to us for our Blog to Inspire contest by category. We’ll also be featuring the posts on our blog over the coming months. Although once you start reading them, it’s hard not to read them all. We received some wonderful entries (44 in total!). Our finalists for … Read more