DIY Notepad – Make Your Own from Scribbled Paper

Do you get that back-to-school feeling when you buy school supplies. It’s a dangerous feeling. I get it every time I go to an office supply store, which is why I have entirely too many paper products. I’m trying to help my children have that excitement about the beginning of school without tying it to … Read more

Do I Need to Disinfect My Cloth Diapers?

Short answers: no probably not not unless they are infected With the previous post saying NO to chlorine bleach and with the chlorine bleach publicist (see update to NO chlorine bleach post) mentioning the need to disinfect cloth diapers and asserting that hydrogen peroxide will not disinfect, I want to answer this question we get often enough that … Read more

5 Ways to Soften Cloth Diapers Dried on the Line

When you air dry or sun-bleach your cloth diapers, you may notice that the diapers are a little more stiff. Adding sun-drying to your cloth diaper washing routine is a great way to lower your overall impact and use the energy just waiting for you (the sun), and you don’t have to sacrifice your baby’s comfort … Read more

No Chlorine Bleach for My Cloth Diapers, Thanks

Last week I wrote about the glorious sunshine as safe alternative to bleach. Let’s talk more about bleach. Beyond knowing that a diaper washed in chlorine bleach wears out more quickly, what do you need to know about bleach before you wash your cloth diapers? Chlorine bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite. Putting bleach into our water … Read more

Grow a Bowl of Salsa

The end of May marks the last frost for much of southern Canada and northern United States. This means time to play in the garden. Gardening is a wonderful way to give children an area under their own control and responsibility where they can learn a direct relationship between their nurturing care and the harvest. Your little gardener … Read more