Toy Monday: Handmade

Black Friday is coming. I know you’ve seen or heard advertisements about it from companies large and small. Why Black Friday? Because this coming Friday is the day in the calendar year when most retailers go into the black financially – all because so many people brave the danger to rush out to drive themselves crazy and … Read more

Toy Monday: Why No Soft Plastics?

Vinyl. It’s good, right? It’s the way music should be listened to, after all. But, what is good for your turntable is not so good for your baby. You have probably heard that you should avoid vinyl toys. Why you should avoid softened plastic toys is a horror story of 20th-century wonder chemicals gone wrong. … Read more

Toy Monday: Why Natural Rubber?

Have you noticed more attention given to natural rubber products recently? From yoga mats to natural baby toys, what’s new about it? Natural rubber is the new (natural) substitute for the old (unfortunately toxic) substitute. From rubber to plastic and back. Plastic Like Rubber Though there were some plastic toys created before World War II, … Read more

Halloween Costumes: Our One New Thing Rule

Has the costume parade started in your neighborhood yet? My kids have been trying on costumes for at least a month, and each has settled on a final masterpiece. They settled weeks ago. Truthfully, they’ve probably been planning for a year, but I have “Don’t talk to me about Halloween until September” policy that is … Read more