Do I Need to Disinfect My Cloth Diapers?

Short answers: no probably not not unless they are infected With the previous post saying NO to chlorine bleach and with the chlorine bleach publicist (see update to NO chlorine bleach post) mentioning the need to disinfect cloth diapers and asserting that hydrogen peroxide will not disinfect, I want to answer this question we get often enough that … Read more

Smoothies: Gather Your Tools

One way that I make sure my children are eating plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables every day is giving them smoothies. Our simplest recipe is agua fresca (fresh water) with just water, ice, and fresh strawberries. My daughter loves this. She learned about it when she was learning Spanish, and the characters in her story gave the recipe … Read more

When you Know Better, you Choose Better

Recently we made the switch to only carry Organic Cotton Prefolds in our natural baby store, and are no longer carrying conventionally-grown cotton prefolds. We’ve had many questions about this choice, and ultimately our customers seem pleased with the change. So far the consensus is that the value is much greater for the very slight difference in cost (only … Read more