The Secret to Avoiding Leaky Diapers

Leaking diapers! That’s bad news. If urine runs right off your diapers and out the legs, you may have a problem with detergent residue. This can happen with any diapers made with synthetic fabrics, which means most pocket diapers or polyester diaper covers. The secret to avoiding detergent residue is simple: wash diapers properly. 1. Use a … Read more

Babycarriers for Special Occasions

As the season for graduations and weddings is upon us, I’ve been thinking about what baby carriers look best for special occasions. Sometimes baby carriers are about function, but, in this case, it’s almost all about appearance. When I go out on a special occasion, all dressed up and wearing my baby, I want the baby … Read more

6 Simple Natural Teething Remedies

Babies get a lot of information by putting fingers and toys into their mouths. At age three to five months, you may see your baby really gnawing away at toys and fists. If the hard gumming is accompanied by drooling and irritability, maybe even a stuffy nose, your baby is likely teething. Teething behavior can … Read more