Grow a Bowl of Salsa

The end of May marks the last frost for much of southern Canada and northern United States. This means time to play in the garden. Gardening is a wonderful way to give children an area under their own control and responsibility where they can learn a direct relationship between their nurturing care and the harvest. Your little gardener … Read more

When you Know Better, you Choose Better

Recently we made the switch to only carry Organic Cotton Prefolds in our natural baby store, and are no longer carrying conventionally-grown cotton prefolds. We’ve had many questions about this choice, and ultimately our customers seem pleased with the change. So far the consensus is that the value is much greater for the very slight difference in cost (only … Read more

Mei Tai or Ergo Baby Carrier?

I received a great question from a customer today trying to decide which baby carrier would be best for her. This is such a tough question to answer as everyone’s needs are different, but I tried. Keep in mind this customer already decided that she would be using a Baby Sling for the infant stage. Here was my response … Read more