Cool summer baby carriers

Maya Wrap all-cotton ring sling for summer

As summer temperatures have been flirting with 100 degrees the past week, I’ve been thinking about the best baby carrier for hot summer weather. Of course you are going to keep babywearing, but the hotter it gets, the more important it is to keep both you and your baby as cool as possible.

The best baby carrier for summer depends whether you will be out in the sun or just in hot shade.

If you are going to be in direct sun with a baby too young for sunscreen, use a Peekaru Ozone Sun Shade.

If you are going to be in occasional direct sun, the tail of a Maya Wrap ring sling can be used as a cover up for your child. This is no substitute for sunscreen, but the cotton tail can block some of the direct heat.

If you will be in the shade but it’s just hot everywhere, a baby carrier without extra layers like a Hotslings pouch-style baby sling is a great choice.

For me, the Maya Wrap ring sling wins as the cool summer baby carrier because it is lightweight, made from an airy fabric, and is a breathable 100% cotton. Hotslings came close, but it is a blend of 93% cotton and 3% lycra, so I went with the all-natural fabric with the more open weave.

Simple guidelines for a cool summer baby carrier:

  • Lightweight
  • Light colors reflect heat rather than absorbing it
  • All cotton
  • Loose weave for breeze and breathability

Also, dress your baby and yourself in light clothing. When the baby is in a carrier, there isn’t much need for anything more than a T-shirt and a great-looking cloth diaper.

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