Back-to-School: What’s for Lunch?

I homeschool my children. We’ve been talking in the past couple of weeks about what we want to cover this year. We’ve decided to focus on food. My daughter’s big list of questions included requests to learn to make “yummy foods from all over the world,” and my son’s questions included “what is the most common … Read more

Baby Carrier Manufacturer Profile: Beco

Continuing our series of baby carrier manufacturer profiles, this week we feature Gabby Caperon, designer of the award-winning Beco Baby Carrier. What inspired you to become a manufacturer of baby carriers? The company got started in March 2005 about a month before Duke (our only son) was born. I have originally started as a diaper cover business (under … Read more

Monday Morning Smoothie: Easy Green

This week, my children and I made green smoothies. We usually mix colors and get sort of muted orange (a lot of carrots) or dull purple, but it has been great to see how bright we could make our smoothies and still taste great. I avoided vegetables that tend to be bitter in smoothies, like … Read more

The Problem of Detergent Residue Is New

Since I wrote about detergent residues on cloth diapers last month, I’ve been fascinated by how much more there is to say about it and how big a problem it has become. According to Bummis, a Canadian company that has been making cloth diaper covers for nearly 20 years, the problem of residues is actually quite new. Over the past … Read more

Monday Morning Smoothie: Earthy Orange

This week, my children and I put together an intense orange smoothie. When shopping we looked specifically for orange foods to add, and we decided not to be obvious and add oranges. We ended up with: 1 medium carrot 1 golden beet 1 cup of golden raspberries 4″ of golden chard (small at their request) … Read more