Vertical Garden Inspirations

Vertical Garden

When you don’t have a lot of space for a garden, you can still build up rather than out. Vertical gardens and living walls can be practical and decorative.

You may have noticed that we’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. One of my favorite boards is Edible Gardening. I find the walls of green very intriguing, so I’ve been following the pins back to their sources. I want to share the resources I’ve been finding on vertical gardening.

A Collection of Vertical Gardening Tips
This is a nice introduction, with a few informational resources. The greatest part of this post is the photo of a vegetable wall garden. Look at the wall of green with tomatoes and squash hanging off of it. That is a beautiful vegetable garden.

DIY Project Instructions
Use a pallet to create a quick garden to mount on the wall. Lots of photos.

Raised Bed Kit
This raised bed stacks vertically to give all of the plants plenty of light. This is a kit, but you might be able to use the photo to inspire your own garden.

Indoor Living Walls
These fabric planters are made from recycled plastic bottles. Be sure to look through all of their gallery of vertical garden photos.

Amazing Living Walls
The most amazing vertical gardens are whole walls of buildings, inside and out, created by botanist Patrick Blanc. His own website is difficult to navigate, but this article on his work has several awe inspiring photos.

If you wonder whether you can do it, you can! Start inside or outside; start with a pallet or a pocket; just start. With a living wall, you can create a beautiful environment for your family despise having little space for a garden.

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