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Tots Bots Easy Fit one-size all in one cloth diaper

“Which diapers are best?” I hear this often. The answer always depends on what the parent expects from cloth diapers. We hope that comparing diaper styles and offering reviews from our customers will help you decide for yourself which diapers are best. This month we are going all out to compare cloth diapers.

The Reviews

We asked our customers this week on Facebook to add to the product reviews on all-in-one diapers on the website. We gathered some great advice from parents.

AIO Diapers Compared to Other Cloth Diapers

“I find them less bulky compared to the pocket ones, and so far I am impressed with AIOs!” Jacqui on Facebook

“AIO’s are also perfect for a daycare. We found ours used them with ease.” Cheryl on Facebook

General advice on AIOs

Just to show how important your own needs are, here are two parents who found opposite closures really made their diapers work for them.

“Velcro is easier…until it gets really beat up and kiddo can open them. Snaps are definitely the way to go.” Vicki on Facebook

“[M]y husband loves it for the velcro. Our toddler runs away while being diapered so we need something we can slap on fast as he runs past!” Ashley on

Brand Comparisons

“I’ve used TotsBots (awesome) and Grovia’s AIO (just okay). I much prefer the materials used for the TotsBots, seems much more comfortable for my little girl, it’s soft and squishy. I like the velcro on the TotsBots over the snaps on the Grovia as well. My little girl has chunkier thighs so the Totsbots just gives her a better fit overall.” Mary on Facebook

“[L]ove the totsbots. Especially because they are easy to wash and the adjustable fit feature is great. (I’m a die-hard Fuzzi Bunz fan though).” Rachel on Facebook

“[Tots Bots Easy Fit is] quite versatile because it is an AIO/Pocket, however it fits better (a little roomier) than some of the other brands that offer this combo.” Nicole on

Cautions on AIOs

“I like the ease of use of my AIO (Totsbots, Monkey doodlez, AMP), and so does grandma, but they just don’t work with my laundry routine. I like to soak my liners in a little RnG before washing, and I just don’t feel like I can get my AIO’s clean enough. Most have been put into storage. I still use the Totsbots, but I soak them with the liners and take the risk of damaging the PUL and elastics.” Nicola on Facebook

“I’m very impressed with the Totsbots AIO. Of all our PUL diapers (AIOs and Pockets) I’m convinced it’s the most comfortable on my son – and we’ve never had a leak.” Juliette on Facebook

“TotsBots are a new favourite of ours. I love the large, velcro closures, and the newborn diaper (Tiny Fit) provides a perfect fit from day one. If anyone wants to argue that using cloth diapers is inconvenient or more difficult than disposable diapers, they haven’t tried the Easy Fit. ” Nature Mom on Facebook

Easy Fit Diaper by Tots Bots

Easy Fit all in one one side cloth diaper

By far, the all-in-one diaper on with the most reviews is the Easy Fit Diaper by Tots Bots. As we explained Tuesday, this is technically an all-in-one diaper, since no part of the diaper needs to be separated for washing, but the clever design allows you to adjust size and stuffing like you would a one-size pocket diaper. The diaper is very versatile.

“I really liked that the insert is attached to the diaper. It makes it so easy to re-stuff after washing because you don’t have to search through all the diapers for the right insert.” Kim on

“We’ve been using prefold up until now and just picked up a couple of these to try for when we have babysitters or when we go out of the house (we found prefolds had too many pieces to drag around town!). I love, love, love these diapers! They are so soft against my little one’s skin, super absorbent (he’s a HEAVY wetter), and so easy. I love that the liner is attached – makes it easy to wash, and less pieces to worry about in the diaper bag – and they aren’t overly bulky under his clothing.” Amanda on

“I absolutely love these diapers – they mix all of the best things about pocket diapers (fast-drying, easy to add extra absorbancy) and all-in-one’s (convenient) and they are some of the cutest diapers on the market.” Nikki on

“It’s a nice solution for moms who love pockets and dad’s who just don’t quite get it, there is no guessing, the stuffing stays attached to the diaper.” Nicole on

“Great hybrid pocket diaper! Love the concept of this pocket diaper with attached and easily stuffable insert. You get the convenience of an all-in-one, but with faster drying time.” Katherine on

Cautions on Easy Fit Diapers

“This is not an overnight solution for our super soaker, but it’s a great daytime/nap time and outing diaper.” Nicole on

“It takes some fiddling to get the insert in the right place with an absorbent layer everywhere I need it. One of the first times using it I ended up putting so much of the insert in the front that I didn’t notice there wasn’t much in the back,which could have been messy!” Jane on

“The only drawback is that the diaper doesn’t have a built-in liner, so I’ve noticed that it tends to stain from poops even when I rinse it right away. We fixed that by always adding one of our own liners.” Ashley on

Last Thoughts

When you look at any of our products, remember that you can match your values to what you buy. Our Safe Family Promise highlights products that go above and beyond basic product standards in 12 areas. Sometimes, our customers are looking for very specific values from manufacturers, like fair labor. When you look at the AMP and Tots Bots diapers below, you can see the icons lined up that tell you these diapers meet high standards.

“For me, one of the best things about these diapers is the manufacturing process – they are made in Scotland, a country with fair, humane labour practices. The mill uses ecologically-sound waste-water recycling processes. I chose to cloth diaper largely for the environmental benefits and I think it’s important that the manufacture of the diaper is taken into consideration.” Nikki on

Would you like to share your experience with different types of diapers? Leave reviews on the products you have used. Be specific about what you like and don’t like about each and why. Your detailed reviews can help other parents narrow down their choices so they can find diapers that really work for them.

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