Teaching Children Mindfulness for Self Control

Have you wondered how to teach your child those inner skills that will make life a lot easier—skills like controlling one’s own responses to outside stimuli. Research shows that yoga and mindfulness for children helps them gain that self-awareness they need to control their own behavior. Delayed Gratification Studies with Children My father studied psychology … Read more

How to Raise a Grateful Child

We want our children to recognize and appreciate what others do for them, what they have. We want to raise grateful children. Science shows us how. Beyond the appreciation and recognition we give to others through our gratitude, research shows that gratitude is one of those active ingredients in happiness that we have within our … Read more

Toys That Encourage Open-ended Play

In open play, a child’s imagination guides use. Simple, open-ended toys can be much more than one thing to any kid. A child’s early education involves play, imitating adults’ actions around them and exploring their surroundings—including their toy box. Single-purpose toys with pre-determined limitations and outcomes keep a child busy, but they do not engage the … Read more

Cultivating Compassionate Kids

How can we help our kids be kind to others? Beyond telling them, “Be nice,” which seldom reaches past the surface, science shows us that there are specific practices in cultivating compassion that can change our brains and our actions. If we help our children learn these practices, we help them learn kindness and compassion … Read more